Land lease communities

The nature of a land lease home and the way that we can secure your home against the funds borrowed means that we need to have an agreement with the land lease community operator to provide you with a loan.

Please note that the land lease community operators are not acting as broker or agent, they do not receive commissions, and are not providing any recommendations for you to enter into a land lease home loan.

Please contact us if you are living in or considering to live in a land lease community to find out if you may be eligible for a land lease home loan.

Land Lease Home Loans launches with Ingenia Lifestyle

We are proud to have launched with Ingenia Lifestyle. If you’re interested in experiencing the benefits of land lease living, you could enjoy a new lease on life with Land Lease Home Loans in a brand new Ingenia Lifestyle home.

This will be the first time this option has ever been available and may enable you to make your move sooner, or perhaps to consider additional features in the home you are looking to buy.

Ingenia Lifestyle is a leading owner, operator and developer of lifestyle communities in Australia. More than 3,500 Australians choose to own their home within an Ingenia Lifestyle community, and enjoy vibrant, independent living, exceptional facilities and stylish new homes in a welcoming community.

Find an Ingenia Lifestyle community near you.

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