Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Get an indication of how much you may be able to borrow.
Reverse Mortgage Calculator
The estimated home value is
You could borrow up to:
* Based on 15% LVR at 65 years increasing 1% per year to 25% LVR at 75 years or over to a maximum of $150,000 with a Lifestyle CAPITAL Land Lease Home Loan.
Please call to discuss how your loan could be structured based on the approved loan purposes.
* Loan Purposes:

Here are the approved loan purposes for a Lifestyle CAPITAL land lease home loan, limits apply.

  • income top up for day to day expenses;
  • home improvements*;
  • buy a personal asset (e.g. car or caravan)*;
  • medical expenses and in-home care*;
  • pay off debt*;
  • and/or purchase a new land lease home.

* Limits apply: no more than one third of the maximum allowable loan amount.
Repayment options:

You will be required to pay your $10 monthly account keeping fee, however you have the flexibility to choose if you want to pay interest, principal and interest (or portion of) or to capitalise the repayments and repay when your home is sold.

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